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The Keep it Real Diverse Rx2 board game was created to bring understanding, comfort and compassion across all racial, religious, ethnic, class and ALL divides. The mission is to blaze new trails and inroads into a deeper, more substantial and more meaningful dialogue between all of our diverse populations, to provide people with a deep and real experience of one another, to transcend differences, to unite us in our humanity, and to reduce alienation and isolation. The Keep it Real Diverse Rx2 game will help you dream, imagine, feel, care and be more of who you really are with one another. Masks fall away, and preconceived barriers disappear as players learn a great deal about themselves and each other, creating connections which have meaning.
The Keep it Real Diverse Rx2 game offers a profound and lasting EXPERIENCE of diversity and makes diversity fun and engaging. Participants like to play the game for hours at a time as it helps them to understand themselves, one another, and the world while they bond and connect with one another. As participants share perspectives on widely ranging issues and engage in unusual and extraordinarily fun interactions, they find themselves opening their hearts and minds, creating an environment in which everyone listens to one another on a much deeper level. This is where real change happens and it happens with one another, from the inside out, not imposed from the outside in.
The Keep it Real Diverse Rx2 game looks like a treasure chest. It is a sturdy, beautifully produced game. Each game contains 15 truth stones (playing pieces), 144 gold coins, velvet pouches, a vibrant game board, pencils and drawing paper, a sand timer, vision glasses, two dice, a clown’s nose, and colorful game cards in eight categories which contain almost 800 questions, challenges and interactions through which players journey together deep into the humanity of their inner worlds.
Each game is best played by 2 to 9 players at a time. For large groups, games can be placed on separate tables so there are groups spread throughout the room. The more the merrier as the group energy generates sparks and excitement!
The Keep it Real Diverse Rx2 game can be used as a stand-alone connection tool, simply purchased and facilitated by students, faculty or administration. For a more in-depth training experience, the creator of the Keep Real Diverse game, Leslie Robinson, can come to your college or university to facilitate a customized two-hour to half a day, or a full-day workshop, in which she trains all workshop participants to facilitate their own Keep it Real Diverse Rx2 game workshops, replete with original and impactful ice-breakers and exercises, dialogue activities, facilitation skill training and more. All workshop participants will feel confident to facilitate their own ongoing workshops after Leslie completes the training.
We have the opportunity to bring greater awareness, empathy and connection to students, faculty and administration as well as to engage them in facilitating “making a difference.” This is a unique time in American history and this effort seeks to bridge profound gaps and to produce genuine transformation. We can teach student leaders to utilize the Keep it Real Diverse Rx2 Board games to continue to connect students across all barriers and divides, on an ongoing and sustainable basis.

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