“‘The Keep It Real Game’ is a great tool for students to engage in meaningful dialogue around social justice in a non-threatening format and helpful in building community.  I’ve utilized the game with students in class, residence halls, and with our bi-weekly e-Race group on campus.  Students have felt empowered by sharing their thoughts and listening to others opinions in a respectful manner.  The game has challenged both students and myself to dig deeper and think critically about social justice issues.”

Dr. Manuel Ruiz
Gettysburg College

“Leslie Robinson, creator of the Keep it Real game, has expertly utilized her board game to facilitate team-building and interpersonal communication at two leadership conferences at Bronx Community College. The board game is more than just fun to play, it is a communications tools that delivers on building trust and open-dialogue in a way that is self-guided and non-threatening. Most of the 65 students at our conference didn’t leave until I promised them a Keep It Real game of their own. Today I keep three Keep it Real games in my office and lend them to student organizations for their use for club meetings.”

Manny Lopez
Assistant Director of Student Life at Bronx Community College

Keep It Real was the core of our Diversity workshop for students and proved to be more impactful and engaging than any keynote speaker we have ever had. In the past while other diversity activities have caused students to feel guilty or marginalized because of their identity, Keep It Real empowered our students to speak their truth while remaining open to the experience and the dialogue. Students repeatedly mentioned that the game provided them the opportunity to have honest conversations with their peers in a safe environment surrounding important issues. Both the staff and students involved agreed that Keep It Real should be an aspect of new student orientation and first year experience classes. ”

Patrick Lynn
Assistant Director of Residence Life
The Towers at the City College of New York

“Working in Higher Education for over ten years I have experienced many different types of programs, games and theories on how to break down barriers in order to build community, trust, and a safe environment.  The Keep It Real game is my secret weapon when it comes to preparing my students to be able to speak about personal feelings, experiences, and opinions with students they may not know. The Keep It Real game is a creative tool which allows students to connect an experience with a face, group laughter, and group support. It begins the true foundation of community, retention, and most importantly the building of new friendships and great memories that we as educators hope are long-lasting with college.”

Mariaelena Marcano
Assistant Director of Student Affairs/Orientation Manager/ Greek Life, The City College of New York

“We used the Keep It Real games with our Resident Assistants during their diversity training as well as with one of the college’s women leadership groups. The students loved every minute of playing the game. Since the training, resident assistants have borrowed the games to use with their floors. I would strongly recommend this game to anyone interested in helping others to understand themselves and colleagues/peers in fun but meaningful ways.”

Wintlett Taylor-Browne
Director of Student Services
Luther College, Diversity Center Voice, Visibility & Leadership for Diversity

“Learning to lead others efficiently takes a great deal of listening. Throughout playing Keep It Real people learn to listen to others while gaining the comfort and courage to speak and know that others are listening to them. This is such a great game that breaks through race, gender and religious barriers. As a student leader on my campus I am going to use this game each semester as new members join my various organizations.”

Jonathan Vascones
CUNY Queens College Representative

“The Keep It Real game allowed me to search deeper inside myself to find meaning in many of the things I do. The game creatively asks the questions that most people are too intimidated to ask, boldly unmasks truths that desperately need to be revealed, and enlightens the mind. The Keep It Real game harbors a magic that changes people… and will one day change the world.”

Whitney Lawrence

“From start to finish, I felt like it was a really moving experience, especially because when we started off we were really uncomfortable with each other. We were not sure it was a safe place. But we grew to be comfortable with each other. And it goes to show that when you start opening up, and when you’re able to talk about things…it makes the entire environment more comfortable.”

Shanika Harris
Student, The City College of New York

“The Keep It Real game is an icebreaker, and is something where you learn more about someone past what you see, past whether they are a Muslim woman, or a white man, or whether they’re Jewish or whatever. Personally, I think this would be good for incoming freshmen, for people that are just coming in…And think this is something that would be a great addition to this school.”

Ilvin Montesino
Student, City College of New York

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