Unlike most diversity efforts, The Keep it Real Diverse Rx2 Board Game makes diversity fun and engaging – Give it a try


    Keep it Real Diverse Rx2 Game:

    • Engages and allows even the most resistant people to open up and speak their truth to one another within moments.
    • Provides a safe space in which people experience one another in deep, meaningful, real and transformative ways.
    • Lower defenses while opening hearts and mind.
    • Facilitates understanding, compassion and empathy towards others.

Knowledge and understanding about diversity equips graduates with the tools and ability needed to effectively cope in today’s diverse workplace and global society. Sensitivity on campuses toward a person’s culture, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and disability is essential.

Playing The Keep it Real Diverse Rx2 Board game provides participants with a powerful and enjoyable interactive experience of inclusion, bonding and bridge-building, while it facilitates a positive and dynamic environment.

In a world where there is so much that divides us
we must embrace that which unites us!

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